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These days it is more of a challenge than ever before to get everyone around a time or even into the same conference call for a meeting. This is especially true when the meeting involves external customers, suppliers, consultants or others outside of your organisation.But how do you easily set up a time that suits everyone across multiple possible time slots, time zones and device types and in a secure manner? By using MeetSweet!

MeetSweet gives you the opportunity to invite people both within and outside of your organisation, including determining their available timeslots. Invitees will get notifications and calendar invites and you get the ability to easily and visually create your event. If you like Doodle, you will love MeetSweet - Doodle for SharePoint / SharePoint Online!

  • Invite people from outside of your Office 365 Environment
  • Invites are free, both inside and outside your organisation
  • Visually enter different dates and times
  • Enter meeting locations using Bing Map Search
  • Easily choose between a touch-friendly or desktop-friendly user interface
  • Get informed when dates are selected by one or more parties
  • Invitations are sent using encoded emails for greater security
  • Mail confirmation uses standard calendar file types (ICS)
  • Great visual design
  • Integration to your SharePoint Social Newsfeed
  • Secure HTTPS communication
  • Your tenant, YOUR data
  • Like Doodle, but for SharePoint
  • Works on both on-premises SharePoint and SharePoint Online
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